Are Cake Smashes Still a Thing?

In the old days, smashing of the cake in the face was unheard of. The cake-cutting ceremony was to release the family, friends, and guests attending the reception to run to the dance floor to celebrate the newly married couple with dancing and libations for the rest of the evening. It was not until ancient Rome decided to have cake sprinkled over their heads to signify male dominance and the promise of fertility. But as time went by the brides took control of this crazy new tradition and put their own twist on it – cake smashes.

Are Cake Smashes Still a Thing?

What Is Cake Smashing?

After tasting the cake themselves, the bride would throw the rest of the cake over their heads to kick off being a spoken-for woman, and then shovel the cake into the face of their husband to show all that shared the special day, that he was hers and hers only. Then the newlyweds would share their first kiss wishing for a married life without the temptation of desire. Some couples view this tradition fun and nice conclusion to the ceremony, others view it as too messy and misogynistic. You may experience the perfect cake smashing that wins America’s Funniest Home Videos, I sure have!

Bride and Groom Tip Jars: A Twist on Cake Smashing

Some new options that I have seen at prior weddings with the smashing of the cake at weddings, which is a slight new twist on the blown-out old traditions are quite interesting. Place two tip jars on the cake table, one labeled Bride and the other Groom. Then you ask the family, friends, and loved ones to then fill the jars with cash. The fullest tip jar at the end of the time allotted for this small fun game is the winner! That person then gets to smash the cake in their partner’s face for all guests to witness and enjoy together. Also, that gives a small incentive for the bride and groom to make a little extra money to enjoy, help pay for the wedding, or for the honeymoon expenses. It’s quite entertaining to experience!

The Tradition of Cake Smashing

You will notice that present day, cake smashing is not often seen at most weddings, just a tradition that has been lost over the years, and possibly not thought of as much as it was in the past, simply because they just are not really a part of a wedding ceremony anymore.

Another cake smash tradition that has become very popular is the 1st birthday celebration. Where did it all begin? Some theories are adapted from the Mexican tradition called the mordida, which is when the first birthday boy or girl gets cake smashed in their face, all the friends and family celebrate by singing “Mordida, Mordida, Mordida!” which means ‘bite’ in English. It is a fun experience for 1st birthdays.

The funny thing is, that every child reacts to this event differently. Some kids dive right in and demolishes the cake within seconds, and then you have the children that are extremely disturbed with the cake, icing especially. My opinion is they do not like the texture of the icing where most children have not tried icing or cake prior to their first birthdays. It’s a fun little addition to experience and have memories of for years to come.

The second rooted theory is bride and groom on their wedding day to mutually agree to share a household together as a commitment to their responsibilities to keep a strong respectful marriage promise to each other.

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