Banquet or Reception Style?

Banquets and receptions are commonly used styles for weddings and events. Although wedding and event planners use them interchangeably, they differ in some ways. Banquets are usually professionally catered feasts arranged and paid for by an individual or business. They’re often held in facilities that regularly deal with events, such as restaurants or hotels. A reception, as a type of event, derives its name from its distinguishing characteristic: the act of receiving. Oftentimes, the structure of the event and the type of occasion you are celebrating will play a role in whether you choose to have a banquet or reception. Let’s explore!

Banquet or Reception Style?

Reception Style

The most common occasion for the holding of a reception involves a wedding. However, the receiving line may be appropriate for other occasions outside of a wedding reception. Other occasions in which a reception might be necessary include the ordination of a man to the priesthood, significant job or military promotion, or retirement. At a reception, the wedding couple or person of honor greets each guest or group of guests and receives well-wishes from the attendees appropriate to the occasion.

Banquet Style

Logistically, since you can’t squeeze a conference room full of people around a standard dining room table, banquet service fits the bill. Banquet service can be as varied as the style of the event. Usually, the type of service is somewhat decided by the extent of the event, menu, and crowd. Typically, sponsors hold banquets in a facility that deals regularly in such events, such as a restaurant or hotel with function rooms, a separate function hall, or a function room of a lodge. For banquets held in a function hall, a lodge, or a similar facility, the sponsor will usually engage a catering service to supply the meal.

Banquet vs Reception Seating

T-shaped Seating Arrangement

Receptions and banquets offer a variety of seating options. For example, the T-shaped seating arrangement is unique and really fun. In this type of seating arrangement, the front will be like a column style. From the middle of that row, one straight line will extend out to complete the T- shape. Interacting in this arrangement is harder than other arrangements, however, it is possible.

Restaurant Seating Arrangement

Restaurant seating pairs best with a bar or buffet-style event. People tend to opt for this seating arrangement for any event other than a wedding. The restaurant seating arrangement is great because everyone is able to interact with each other and enjoy the event together. In fact, allowing guests to eat together is a really good gesture. This will allow your guests, including family and friends, to get to know each other a lot better.

Stand-up Arrangement

The stand-up arrangement is also an excellent seating arrangement style. By strategically placing cocktail tables around the venue, guests can freely roam without any need to look after their chairs. This type of arrangement is perfect for most types of dinner parties, cocktail parties, or any festive event that has a dance session. Consider covering the high-top tables with floor-length ties to give an ethereal appearance to the table settings.

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