What is the Best Wedding Food?

Food is one of the most important and memorable aspects of a wedding with guests always remembering the good, the bad, and the ugly. Wedding dinners used to be pretty standard: a nice sit-down dinner with chicken, pasta, and a vegetable. In recent years the trend has changed drastically and weddings now require a variety of options with high-quality ingredients. This is why Andre’s Banquets and Catering, with many unique locations in the St. Louis, Missouri, area, is the perfect fit for the best wedding food at any type of wedding.

What is the Best Wedding Food?

Sit-down dinners have always been the standard go-to for weddings. However, buffets have become more and more popular in the last few years. Andre’s has perfected both of these markets. Weddings with a formal theme tend to go with sit-down dinners, adding an extra flair to the reception. For this, Andre’s offers a variety of high-quality options including your choice of Caesar or Italian salad, entrées that range from a salmon filet with a sweet and smoky Guinness glaze and caramelized onion to grilled chicken breast finished modiga style with bacon and cheese, and an impressive array of accompaniments and desserts. In addition, the staff is comprised of highly trained, professional banquet servers who take pride in their profession.

Wedding Reception Buffet

The buffet trend has been growing over the last few years and seems to be a favorite of casual events. Andre’s gives guests a variety of choices and will cater to any dietary need, including but not limited to, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free. Andre’s is widely known for its handmade Italian menu including chicken marsala, pasta con broccoli, and our house-made Italian salad. They also offer a traditional St. Louis style BBQ menu which includes pulled pork, BBQ beef, mac and cheese, and loaded potato salad, ideal for out-of-towners.

During the buffet, guests are welcome to dine at their leisure and as they walk through the line they are greeted by welcoming bussers, eager to serve. Since sanitation is a top priority, each busser wears gloves and a warm smile. If the bride and groom don’t necessarily want a sit-down dinner but like the idea of china and linens (as opposed to disposable dinnerware) they can upgrade! Andre’s makes it so easy to customize exactly what you want for your St. Louis wedding.

Catering Packages

Andre’s Banquets also offer multiple catering packages for weddings held off-location. All the bride and groom have to do is order the food and it’s delivered directly to them. They can choose from the traditional Italian menu, the BBQ menu, appetizers, or a mixture of all three. Andre’s offers four packages, starting from a basic buffet line, the second being the upgrade to china and linens, and the last two including the soda bar and the open liquor bar.

Appetizers and Late-Night Snacks

The last, but most fun wedding food options are appetizers and late-night snacks. Sometimes ceremonies can last a while, right? If guests come straight to the venue chances are they’re going to be hungry. Andre’s offers an extensive list of appetizers including pretzels with cheese, buffalo chicken wings, toasted ravioli, cannelloni bites with marinara, etc. The guests can snack on those right up until dinner is served so no one is ever hungry.

Late-night options are also a new feature and fan-favorite with the nacho bar and chocolate fountain being a show stopper. The nacho bar comes with all the fixings including ground beef, tomatoes, sour cream, lettuce, jalapenos, salsa, and guacamole. Weddings can even upgrade to pulled pork or BBQ chicken! Kids especially love the chocolate fountain that comes with strawberries, pretzels, brownies, marshmallows, bananas, and graham crackers!

The menu options at Andre’s Banquets and Catering are endless! They have so many choices to choose from including their sit-down dinner, buffet, catering, appetizers, and late-night snacks. They sure take the tangle out of tying the knot!

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Andre’s Banquet & Catering in St. Louis

At Andre’s, we are a full-service catering company. We provide the meal, 4-hour open bar, china dinnerware, linen tablecloths, chair covers, the personnel, as well as an onsite coordinator. We are a one-stop-shop facility that can offer guidance in planning and organizing your day. Andre’s coordinates with several different vendors to make your planning process painless! Andre’s we take the tangle out of tying the knot!!! Contact us today for any questions or reservations.