Engagement Party vs Bridal Shower

Getting engaged is a very exciting time for many different reasons. You are officially engaged and immediately start thinking about planning the exciting events that go with getting married. There are a few different events that happen prior to the big day. Engagement parties and bridal showers are a great way to celebrate the newly engaged couple with the people they are closest with. In this article, we discuss tips to help you distinguish the differences between an engagement party vs a bridal shower.

Engagement Party vs Bridal Shower

What is an engagement party?

An engagement party is the first celebration that takes place directly after or soon after the engagement. This pre-wedding celebration is mainly for close friends and family. Engagement parties honor and congratulate the newly engaged couple on their upcoming journey together. This is especially important for a couple that has out-of-town family or friends. While engagement parties can certainly be kept on the smaller side, you should avoid inviting anyone who you don’t plan on inviting to the wedding. Feel free to cast a smaller net with your invite list, and celebrate this special day in an intimate setting. Your engagement party doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. After all, the main purpose of an engagement party is to share your joy and excitement with the people who matter the most in your life.

What is a bridal shower?

A bridal shower is a party that celebrates the bride, of course! This event traditionally includes showering the bride with gifts. If you’re planning to host a traditional bridal shower, the guest list will likely only have bridesmaids, close female friends, and female members of both families. Because bridal showers are typically women-focused, this gives lots of time for girl talk and sharing stories about the bride-to-be. However, if you’re a couple who wants to host a wedding shower instead, feel free to include other couples, family members, and future wedding guests. This gives everyone an opportunity to celebrate together instead of just on the wedding day.

Which Should You Celebrate?

If your schedule is filling up and you’re worried that you have too much on your plate, it is time to take a deep breath. Although wedding planning can be stressful, it is important that you maintain your focus on yourself and your fiancé.

Are you having to choose between an engagement party and a bridal shower? If so, most couples choose to have an engagement party. This allows for close friends and family to get together and have a mini celebration before wedding planning is in full swing.

If you choose to forgo a wedding shower or bridal shower, make sure you complete your registry ahead of your engagement party. We suggest placing the wedding registry URL directly on your engagement party invitations. Or, you can provide guests with directions to reach your official wedding website and a link to your registry. A wedding registry gives guests the chance to choose something that the bride and groom will both enjoy.

Take Time to Enjoy the Process

It is crucial to not let planning pre-wedding events make you hate the wedding planning process. If you are helping the couple plan either a bridal shower or engagement party, stay true to the things that matter to the bride and groom. Too many people get lost in all of the details of every event. This is a no-no! While planning the events can be stressful, it is important for the newly engaged couple to enjoy the wedding celebrations. Let people shower you with gifts and celebrate you both as a couple. Take time to enjoy this process with your fiancé, this is the start of your new journey.

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