Fork or Finger Foods? Which Is Better for Your Event

When it comes to planning your wedding and reception, the food you provide for your guests can be simple or difficult to plan based on what type of impression you are trying to provide for your event. In this guide, we highlight fork vs. finger foods to help you decide which option is best depending on the type of event you are planning.

Fork or Finger Foods? Which Is Better for Your Event

When to Serve Fork Foods

The reception is where you are thanking your guests for celebrating your big day with you. In return, you should feed them an appropriate size menu selection. Big sit-down dinners at weddings haven’t gone away but are definitely not always a first choice for feeding your guests.

When to Serve Finger Foods

Finger food or appetizer selections are always a fun option to provide a wider variety of food to your guests, compared to an entrée, pasta side, salad, rolls, etc. When choosing an appetizer layout, it is also easier to accommodate all your guests such as those with specific dietary restrictions. Being aware of gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, and other food allergies is very important when trying to feed all your guests, and not leaving anybody out due to their food restrictions.

Catering for a Memorable Event

Most guests remember two things from the wedding reception, the food and the experience. They will always remember if there was enough food to feed the guests, or if the food was of low quality. You want to keep both of these important details in mind when creating your meal. When sending out wedding invitations it is always a good idea to add a dietary restriction option on the RSVP card to help guide you in the right direction for the most accurate menu to serve all of your guests.

When planning other events besides weddings, such as birthday parties, cocktail parties, anniversaries, trivia nights, etc. finger foods are a good way to go as well. This allows guests to make small plates filled with their favorite items and bring them right to the table. This is might an easier solution to providing a wide range of snacks and accommodate all guests. Decorating individual servings is also fun way to add some flair and make your appetizer table stand out when serving finger foods.

Best Event Catering in St. Louis

At Andre’s Banquet and Catering in St. Louis, MO, we offer several options when it comes to sit-down dinners, buffet-style dinners as well as a heavy appetizer option buffet option. If you are leaning more towards the finger food option for your event, we can provide a wide variety of appetizers to help you provide a nice presentation in replace of a buffet deluxe dinner. Andre’s caters to over 25 locations in and around the Missouri and Illinois areas. For more information, you can reach us at the South location off Telegraph Rd. in St. Louis County, MO at 314-894-2622.

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