How Do I Choose a Color Scheme for My Wedding?

Choosing a color scheme for your wedding will most likely be the first idea that pops into your head when you first start the wedding planning process! It will be the personal visual component of your special touch for your event. Having a color scheme adds visual interest and creates the mood or atmosphere you most desire. Once you have your base color, you can use color schemes to determine your accent colors.

How Do I Choose a Color Scheme for My Wedding?

Some of the most popular wedding colors are black and white combinations, pinks, blues, and purples as well as navy, white, and gold. Colors for weddings have different meanings.

  • Dark Red: Longing, courage, willpower, and vigor.
  • Pink: Love and Beauty
  • Light Red: Love, sexuality, joy, passion and sensitivity
  • Light Purple: Authority, it also can represent magic, mystery, creativity, and strength.
  • Blue: Symbolizes youth, peace, and tranquility. Sensitivity and emotional characters can also be represented with blue.
  • Gold: Symbolizes wealth, good health, relaxation, and enjoyment of life. Yellow is also a tone of gold that can be used to symbolize brightness and cheerfulness.

All colors represent different emotions and feelings which you would use to personalize your big day.

Choosing a Wedding Color

The colors you choose for your wedding day are like an anchor that ensures everything looks put together, on-theme, and cohesive. Make sure to keep basic design rules as not all shade combinations work well together. A solid rule of thumb is to choose one or two colors as a main focus, then select one or two secondary colors that blend them all for support. Also, consider choosing a fun accent shade like a metallic to use occasionally throughout your event.

Keep in mind that the season you are getting married in can help with choosing a color scheme. Winter colors in summer might not seem fitting and vice versa. The venue can play a big role in your wedding colors as well. Bright colors might not mesh well with a brightly lit venue with bright color walls and décor.

Mistakes to Avoid

Some small mistakes can also be made when choosing your colors. Much like interior design, color is critical to setting the scene for your wedding. How, where, and how much of each color you decide can easily make or break your big day. You do not want to overdo the wrong tone or create a jarring atmosphere for your guests, but at the same time, you don’t want to minimize the importance of the event by being too safe and making the event just plain boring to all of the guests.

Unlocking the Magic of Wedding Colors

Having a solid color scheme set in place is a huge asset in planning most of your wedding events, from invitations, flower arrangements, table decors, and even the wedding cake. It is one big step to start with to help your planning process flow more evenly. Make sure to have plenty of time required to make decisions freely and not too quickly which can be derailed or even riskier if your wedding date falls during the busy wedding season when rental, floral, or attire options will sell out quickly.

It is a very difficult task to choose a wedding color scheme when you have every shade of the rainbow to choose from, but there are ways to make the process easier. Remember to let the season, mood, and theme of your big day be used as inspiration. Having a team of professionals or your closest and trusted loved ones’ opinions helps as well. But in the end, this is your day and you are the ultimate decision-maker.

Get Help Selecting a Weddig Color Scheme

At Andre’s Banquet and Catering, we have a professional sales coordinator who can help guide you on some ideal color schemes that mesh well together or give their input on the color ideas you have in mind and what would work best at any Andre’s Banquet Facility that fits all of your wedding desires and needs. We are a one-stop shop and take the tangle out of tying the knot.

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