How Do I Include My Dog in My Wedding?

Isn’t daily life just more fun when you are with your four-legged friend? We sure think so! What about on your wedding day? Have you ever been scrolling on social media and come across super cute wedding photos, and there is a dog sitting right in the middle of the couple? We absolutely love seeing dogs at weddings and think it brings something really special to the day.

Including your dog in your wedding is a great way to share a little part of your personal life with wedding guests. People love to share those moments with you too! During the wedding planning process, you may wonder how your furry friend could be a part of your wedding day. Let Andre’s Banquet & Catering guide you in the right direction, and leave your dog feeling like it’s his/her day too!

How Do I Include My Dog in My Wedding?

First Things to {Woof} Out

When considering how/if your furry friend will be a part of your special day, first make sure that your venue allows pets on site. This can be a quick call to the venue to see if they are pet-friendly. Most wedding venues welcome pets with few restrictions. We recommend considering your dog’s personality before making a final decision. No one knows your dog better than you do. You definitely don’t want your puppy that is not potty trained or your dog that is scared or skittish of people to be attending your big day.

The wedding day is stressful enough, you do not want to add stress on yourself by adding stress to your dog either. Put someone in charge of your furry friend for that morning and afternoon as well. That way it can eliminate any bad things that could happen to your dress or any other important wedding day items. Having someone take care of your dog can also help your dog feel more at ease, and ready for the day ahead.

Different Ideas to Incorporate Your Dog

Many couples start the furry cuteness right away. At some weddings, the dog(s) are sitting there waiting for their parents to say I do and make them an official family. The way we have seen it best is when the dog struts down the aisle with the bridesmaids or the groomsmen, making everyone smile and laugh. This eliminates any issues that may arise if the dog was walking down with the bride or the groom, possibly causing too much excitement.

It is also fun to have your furry friend stick around during the reception too. You can even dress up your dog. However, be careful for them to not out stage you on your big day, (dogs can be super cute)! For boy dogs, we suggest a cute bow tie that matches the groomsman. For girl dogs, you can dress them in a tutu or a flower crown.

No matter how you decide to incorporate your dog into the wedding, know your dog will steal the show for just a moment!

Special Little Touches

If your dog can’t make it to the big day, that is okay. There are so many other ways you can honor your dog even if they aren’t in attendance. As we know, being a dog parent is an honor, and they are a huge part of our lives. Let’s use that energy towards cute things we can throw into the wedding to make the presence of your dog known.

You can have their face on décor (cocktail napkins), wedding favors, and even on the wedding cake topper! The options are endless. A fun thing that couples like to incorporate into their wedding is signature cocktails. A timeless trend is naming one of the specialty cocktails after your dog. You can even add a picture of your dog to the cocktail. This is something that most guests will see, and they will know how much you wanted to have your dog there with you on your special day.

Let Andre’s Help

Our Andre’s crew loves to see dogs and make them feel special too on your big day. We allow dogs to be a part of our wedding ceremonies whether it is inside or outside. If you have your own unique special ideas, we are here to help you bring those ideas to life. We can also help give ideas to incorporate your furry companion throughout the day, such as cute décor that your guests can enjoy.

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