How Do I Pick Colors for My Wedding?

Choosing wedding colors can be a hard task for every bride and groom. It can be really fun to pick out the wedding colors and figure out what works best for your style and wedding venue. A lot can go into picking your colors, as you want your big day to be perfect. One of the hardest parts about choosing your wedding colors is the fact that there are so many wedding color palettes to choose from. However, it is important to not stress too much about the wedding color scheme, and remember that your day will be special no matter what. Have fun picking out your wedding colors with your fiancé with these helpful tips.

How Do I Pick Colors for My Wedding?


What season are you having your wedding in? Are you having a summer wedding or a winter wedding? Or, are you have a fall wedding or a spring wedding? Each season has its own color palette, with a variety of vibrant colors. As seasons change, the colors start to change with them.

In the winter months, darker shades of blues, reds, and greens are the most popular and fit in the best.

In the spring, pastel colors go perfectly with the season. These colors include light pinks, purples, and yellows. All of the lighter colors accent the season perfectly. They say spring showers bring May flowers, but it also brings so many beautiful spring wedding colors as well!

In the hottest months of all, during the summer, bright vibrant colors are the best shades to include in your wedding. These colors include pinks, blues, and greens as well.

Fall wedding colors are endless and range from colors like orange, red, bronze-green, and purple. All of these colors help to create a stunning natural background for outdoor weddings.

While the different seasons are just a guide and offer color inspiration in helping you choose your wedding colors. However, it can be fun to design your wedding color scheme around seasons!

Favorite Colors

Everyone has a color that they call their favorite, regardless of the reason! It can be really fun to bring your favorite colors to life within your wedding color scheme. We love seeing a bride and groom incorporate their favorite colors within their wedding cake too. Doing so can help you add your own flare since it is your day after all!

How You Met

Friends and family love going on the new journey with you on your wedding day. People like to follow a love story. This starts with how the bride and groom met. Wedding colors can reflect the place that you met. Whether it be college, an event, at the grocery store, or whatever! Take those colors of that special place, and allow them to come to life throughout your wedding.

What Colors Look Good Together

It is important to think about the colors that complement each other. It is almost like making sure things match and color coordinate. Color coordinating can be really fun, but also overwhelming. While the colors do not have to match exactly, it is a good idea to find a happy medium.

Venue Colors & Style

Every venue has its own color and style, so keep this in mind. There are so many different venue styles, and adding your own flare to it can be exciting. We suggest thinking about the indoor and outdoor colors of your wedding venue. If the venue is all-white, you can stick with a classic all-white theme, or add pops of colors to enhance how beautiful the venue is.

Moods of the Colors

Have you ever heard of colors showing different moods? Colors can influence moods, for sure! Think about when you see bring colors, they make you feel happy! Pink and reds make you feel romantic. Colors definitely have the ability to make you feel a special way, regardless of the color it is.

Andre’s Can Help With Color Choices

At Andre’s, our St. Louis event coordinators are experienced and there to help you in the overwhelming realm of colors. We can help narrow down what you like, and what looks best. The choices to incorporate your wedding colors are endless. Adding colors to the guest tables is the perfect way to start. You can add colored napkins to the tables, and even runners down the middle with sashes on the chairs to match. You can also add different décor in order to get your color fix in as well.

There are endless ways to pick and incorporate your favorite wedding colors. Have fun with it!

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