How Do You Make a Wedding Dance Floor Fun?

There are a few things that people always remember about a wedding, and one of them is the party, which is inevitably always on the dance floor. The dance floor is where fun and unforgettable memories are made with friends and family during any reception. There are multiple ways to make sure no one is sitting down, and everyone is on the dance floor creating those fun memories alongside you on your wedding day.

How Do You Make a Wedding Dance Floor Fun?

Amazing DJ/Band

To get the dance party truly started, you have to get the crowd up out of their seats and onto the dance floor. In order to do that, you have to have an experienced DJ and/or band. The music can make or break the party, so it is important to find the best performer for your style of music.

The right DJ will make any crowd have fun, even if they are not usually the type to get up and sing and dance. During the wedding planning process, you will meet with your DJ and prepare a list of songs you want to be played, and even what you do not want to be played. You know your crowd better than the DJ, so you know what music will make people want to get up and move.

As any performer knows, it is important to read the crowd because everyone is truly different. The music is what gets them off their chairs and onto the dance floor, but we also have to keep them on the dance floor.

Song Requests

Allowing your guests to have the option of giving the DJ a song request, can be a really fun way to keep your guests engaged.

Fun Tip: Have place cards at each table during dinner that allows guests to write a song that they would love to hear, and have the DJ collect them after dinner is served.

This will help your guests feel like they played a part in your big day while keeping the party going. Hearing a song on your wedding day that reminds you of your guests can also create such a special moment for everyone.

Imagine dancing on the dance floor, and hearing a song that your family/friend chose and you immediately knew that song request was from that specific person. This creates memories that last a lifetime and makes them all the more meaningful!

Dance Props

Do not be afraid to bring the photo booth props right onto the dance floor space. Remember that if the photographer is still in attendance, there are still tons of photo opportunities on the dance floor. A few wedding dance floor ideas for props include:

  • Disco balls
  • Wigs
  • Inflatable guitars
  • Glow sticks
  • Fun hats
  • Funky sunglasses
  • and More!

Even if you do not have a photo booth with props, you can stock up on stuff from the dollar store! There are so many different things you can get to be props, and even customize them to suit your wedding theme best.

Another Fun Tip: Go to the dollar store and buy a pair of sunglasses, and a sharpie. Write the last name on the sunglasses and walk around the dance floor and put the sunglasses on each guest and take a photo of them. It is such a cute photo moment and can create such fun memories.

Decorate the Floor

In addition to the music and fun props, you can make always step up the décor on the dance floor. There are different companies that you can actually rent flooring from that they can put on top of a dance floor. There are big black and white squares that click together and make the dance floor into a glamorous old fashion floor. You can also add on a light monogram that projects onto the dance floor, making it somewhat customizable.

A checkered dance floor is also a wonderful way to add some flair to the wedding venue reception space. There are also plenty of lighting ideas to make the dance floor the focal point of the wedding reception.

Let Andre’s Help

Andre’s event coordinators are here for you every step of the way all while making your dreams come true. Have big dreams of making your dance floor spectacular? Our event coordinators are here to give you tips and tricks to customize your dance floor.

We are here to help you choose what is best for you and your event to make the wedding dance floor fun! We have seen so many things, that we can help you with the do’s and do nots. Let the dance floor magic begin!

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