How Early Should You Book a Wedding Venue?

There are a few things to consider before you book a wedding venue. Is there such thing as booking a wedding venue too soon? Did you see all the wedding venues you wanted to see? Are you missing out on another wedding venue somewhere else?

It can be stressful trying to narrow down a venue space. However, once you do, it is one huge wedding planning piece that you can check off of your list. Many people will choose a wedding venue before they are even engaged. However, for others, they might fall in love with a venue once they tour it, or even after seeing it online. Let’s narrow down when the ideal time to book your venue is, and what other things go into play with booking your dream venue. Let the wedding planning begin!

How Early Should You Book a Wedding Venue?

Should You Book Your Wedding Venue Sooner Than Later?

Yes, you should book your wedding venue sooner rather than later. These are not dinner reservations at your favorite fine dining restaurant, this is for your wedding day. We suggest you strongly consider booking your wedding venue a year to 15 months in advance. It is helpful to start by booking a wedding venue first in your wedding planning process so you can then plan other components of your big day.

It can be so fun to tour different venues with your fiancé because it is all part of the experience. However, watch out. Searching for a wedding venue can be overwhelming if you view too many spaces. It is helpful to know that planning your wedding will be easier the sooner you check one of the biggest things off of your list, your venue.

Top Reasons To Book Your Venue Early

A huge weight will be lifted off your shoulders when you and your fiancé fall in love with a wedding venue and decide it’s the one. This helps the planning process to start quickly, giving you more time to be prepared. Your wedding day is a day you will never forget. You want to make sure you have ample time to plan everything and save money for the details you have always wanted.

*Saving money for your wedding* Put a set percentage of money in an envelope every time you get paid. This helps you blindly save!

Another reason to book your venue as early as you can is that it gives you time for absolutely everything that needs to be planned. On top of having time to plan, your guests will have time to plan travel or hotel arrangements if needed, etc. Booking a wedding venue early can also eliminate any long shipping times for dresses, décor, or other venue items.

Should You Pick a Wedding Date or Book a Venue First?

Every couple will have their own wedding planning process, and that’s okay. This is when it is necessary to decide what is most important to you and your fiance. If you both have a date in mind that means a lot to both of you, it is important to put that into consideration. If you do not feel any sort of attachment to a time of year or a date, it is helpful in choosing a venue that you really love. It is good to have an open mind when speaking to different venues about dates because if you really love the venue, but your specific date is booked, you might just be out of luck.

Andre’s Can Help!

Our team is here to guide you through every step of your wedding planning process. Once you walk into any of our locations, you are greeted with smiling faces and coordinators who are excited to help. When touring Andre’s venues, we give you all of the information that you need to feel confident about what you would be getting and paying for.

At Andre’s we suggest you book your wedding venue space as soon as you feel confident, just to ensure we can accommodate the date that you choose. We understand that booking the wedding venue is a big deal. It is also a big component of the wedding planning process that you can check off your list. Our wedding planners and coordinators are here to guide you through every step, which means less stress for you.

Andre’s Banquet & Catering | St. Louis, MO

At Andre’s, we are a full-service catering company. We provide the meal, 4-hour open bar, china dinnerware, linen tablecloths, chair covers, the personnel, as well as an onsite coordinator. We are a one-stop-shop facility that can offer guidance in planning and organizing your day. Andre’s coordinates with several different vendors to make your planning process painless! Contact us today for any questions or reservations.