How to Choose the Right Entertainment for Your Wedding or Event

Here are some guidelines and tips for choosing entertainment for a wedding or event in St. Louis, MO, whether it’s a corporate event, holiday party, birthday party, or extravagant gala.

How to Choose the Right Entertainment for Your Wedding or Event in St. Louis

Wedding Entertainment

When choosing entertainment for a wedding in St. Louis, MO, a few things to keep in mind are your theme, your guests’ preferences, recommendations for friends, family, and possibly wedding planners, the venue, and how far in advance you will need to book for your big day.

If you are working towards a more traditional wedding, a classical band or quartet could be a better option than a DJ. You want to choose a good entertainment option that will cater to your guest’s preferences. A DJ is a good option that can provide all different tastes in music to play.

Getting recommendations from friends and family who have hired entertainment in St. Louis, MO, and nearby cities for a special event is a good way to get a feel for what you will be getting.

The venue you choose will also play a role in your choice of entertainment as you will need to keep in mind the size of the venue or the rules and regulations that you will have to abide by. You also have to make sure to book far enough in advance so you are not limited with your selection and to avoid disappointment.

Make sure to try and incorporate interactive entertainment into your wedding reception that creates a unique and memorable experience for your guests. Some benefits to this include keeping your guests entertained, creating a unique experience, encouraging guest participation, and offering an opportunity for memorable photos.

Fun Wedding Entertainment Options

  • Photo Booths, Palm Readers, Wine Pong, etc.
  • Lawn games such as Giant Jenga or cornhole or a fun mini golf is always a fun time for all ages.
  • Dance lessons like group salsa classes, will get your guests up and moving and provide them with an opportunity to learn something new and fun that they might have not done on their own.
  • Caricature artists are fun and also provide your guests with a personalized memorable keepsake to take home.

Also, something to think about is entertainment options that are a little more unconventional and will stand out and create a special experience for your guests that they will talk about for years to come. Think of Acrobats, Magicians, Belly Dancers, or Fire dancers. Wedding entertainment plays a huge role in setting the tone for your reception. It’s important to select entertainment that caters to your theme, your guest’s preferences, and the mood you want for your big day.

Make sure to keep in mind a few things when selecting your entertainment for the evening, such as your budget, your number of attendants, your venue, and accommodations. Always have a backup alternative option on hand in case your first few choices just won’t work.

Event Entertainment

On to other events such as birthday parties, corporate events, holiday parties, team-building events, and galas. Here are a few things to keep in mind in order to choose the right entertainment for non-wedding events in St. Louis, and surrounding areas.

Establish a Budget

How much are you willing to spend, as well as other costs such as rental equipment, special permits, and extras you will need?

Event Atmosphere, Format, and Schedule

Understanding the atmosphere, format, and schedule helps determine what entertainment works best and is most appropriate. If your entertainment is more of a headline act, a mood-setter, or a background accompaniment that can help you find the right tone for your evening. The goal is to enhance your event, not distract from it. Make sure to complement the types of events you run.

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