How to Create a Signature Wedding Menu

There are certain details about your big day that need special paying attention. Similarly, there are other parts of your wedding day that do not need as much attention. Creating your wedding menus is somewhere sandwiched in the middle of those two things. Creating a wedding menu is fun and something that you can choose and not even have to think about again until you quickly inhale the food on your wedding day. It is easy to get overwhelmed with options and think about everyone else’s opinions of the food. This also gives you the opportunity to be as creative and innovative as you please. Who says your wedding has to be the typical wedding menu.

Do not let anything limit you! If you and your fiancé share a love for pickles, then who is to say you cannot create a whole pickle bar? This is your day, share the things that you and your fiancé love!

How to Create a Signature Wedding Menu

Food Tasting

The idea of a food tasting is to gain insight into how the food tastes and get a sneak peek of what you and your guests will enjoy on the day of your wedding. Wedding food tasting is always an exciting thing that the engaged couple does together. I would recommend all couples partake in this experience, as it is something special for the two of you!

We suggest that the future bride and groom are the only two that attend the food tasting (sorry mom and dad)! This helps give the future newlyweds a special experience. By going alone, the bride and groom will not be too concerned about everyone else’s opinion. While it is important to think of your friends and family during this process, this is your day. You should choose something that you both will enjoy, and remember how delicious it all was. Because let’s be real, you will always remember the food and the people there to celebrate your special day.

Food Selection Based on Location

The venue and the type of food selection sometimes go hand in hand. It is fun to sort of correlate the location of the wedding reception and the type of food you are choosing. The true barn aesthetic goes really well with a nice BBQ menu. A beautiful indoor ballroom venue space pairs really well with a nice Italian dinner menu. While I think that location has a smaller impact on what food you choose, it is always good to at least consider it.

Appetizer/Cocktail Hour Menu

A fun variety of appetizers/ hors d’oeuvres can spice up any menu! By adding on a few of your favorite snack foods, it shows that you put extra effort to add a personal touch to your menu. Appetizers are not at all necessary for every wedding. Nonetheless, it is something fun to consider if there is a large time gap between the ceremony and reception. Appetizers can help hold your guests over in the meantime while you are taking post-ceremony pictures. This menu does not have to be anything outrageous, just a few appetizers here and there, and people are smiling!

Late Night Snacks

This is one of our favorite menus at weddings! Have you ever been out on a Saturday night, and gotten a little craving for a sweet or salty snack? Think about if someone walked into the room with a plate of toasted ravioli, or even a wonderful display of a chocolate fountain.

After an hour or two of dancing, people can really work up an appetite. This is another opportunity for you to really customize your menu in an enjoyable way. Having a food truck stop at your venue even for an hour is something that ties more creativity and personality into the end of your wedding night. A food truck can be really memorable for your wedding guests, and it is something that people really enjoy.

Have Fun with Your Menu

Don’t forget, this is a time when you can be as creative as you want. Or, if you’re not feeling creative, you are able to choose from a menu and let the stress of choosing to be lifted off of your shoulders. Your wedding dinner menu can be whatever you want it to be. Your menu is something that you could go back and forth with, but do not let the food contribute to your planning stress. For some people, fewer choices are so much better! For others, including myself, I love being able to have a lot of options to choose from. This is your own personal preference, so just have fun with it!

Andre’s Menu

At Andre’s, we have a variety of menu options and items that you can add on to your special day. We allow you to be creative, and even a little crafty! Want to add on a chocolate fountain two hours into your reception? Of course! Want to snack on our amazing firecrackers for a savory snack before everyone goes home? We got you! Want to set up a candy bar with all of your favorites? We will supply the table space!

When you choose to work with Andre’s Banquet & Catering, you can be as creative as you like. We are here to help make your picture-perfect wedding dream come true. Our coordinators are professionals, let them brainstorm with you! Put that signature twist on your day, and your guests will remember it for years to come!

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