How to Let Go of Stress at Your Wedding

Let’s face it, planning a wedding is stressful enough. Yet, it is common to let the wedding planning stress flow over into the big day. It is time to let go of that stress and focus on the day of your dreams. In the great words of Elsa, “let it go, let it go, the [stress] never bothered me anyway.” While this is easier said than done, let’s focus on some things that can guide you through the big day without the looming stress cloud floating over you.

How to Let Go of Stress at Your Wedding

Prep the Day Before

Getting a good night’s sleep the day/night before your wedding is crucial. This is something many brides do not take too seriously because they have a million things on the brain. This is the time to light your favorite candle, pour some Epsom salt in a hot bath, and think about how exciting of a day you are going to have. Think of it as the day before a big test, but way more exciting than that! It is important to be well-rested while enjoying a nice peaceful evening. Eating a healthy meal and thinking about how you will finally be able to marry your husband will make things less stressful.

Delegate Tasks

We cannot stress this enough, delegate tasks amongst your bridesmaids and family members for the day of the wedding. Delegating tasks will help take a lot of the stress off of you on your wedding day. If things need to be done or if there are any hiccups, you have people who can help you in every way possible.

When asking brides what helped them be as stress-free as possible on their wedding day, most will tell you that their bridesmaids made it possible. It can be hard for some brides to let go of the small details of their wedding day. However, the day will go how it is supposed to go, and you cannot stress over what you cannot control.

As long as you hire a wedding planner, and have bridesmaids that understand your vision, they can be your point of contact for any questions that need answering or any problems that need fixing. We also recommend letting family and friends, or any vendors know that they could call your maid of honor with any questions. This ensures that someone else will hear about these things and solve them so the bride never even has to. This can go a long way in lowering stress levels for the bride. Delegating tasks to those you trust will make your day 10 times easier, we promise!

Remember the Goal

Your wedding day is a day you have put all of your blood, sweat, tears, money, and time into. You have been waiting for this day to finally arrive so you can celebrate with everyone and begin the new journey as newlyweds. Your dream day is here, and it is time to soak all of it in and enjoy your endless nights of wedding planning.

It is important to remember your end goal. Share this special day with everyone and cherish marrying the love of your life. It can be easy to lose sight of this goal when you are in the wedding stress whirlwind. This is your day to shine. Don’t let the stress overwhelm you to the point where you cannot enjoy this experience.

Andre’s is Here to Help

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