How to Plan an Autumn Wedding

Every soon-to-be bride thinks about her dream wedding in the most perfect scenery. Some people fantasize about their big day in the autumn months, as it is one of the most desired wedding seasons. There are many things to consider when planning a fall wedding, very specific to that time of year. Coming from someone who loves seeing fall weddings come to life, you might be convinced to have yours in the fall too! Let’s {fall} in love with planning the perfect autumn wedding!

How to Plan an Autumn Wedding

Start Planning Early

From September all the way through November, it is the busiest time of year for weddings, and for a good reason! However, it does come with a little bit of patience. It is important for you to start planning early and get the big parts of the planning set in stone.

One of the first steps is contacting your wedding venue and selecting the wedding date. Narrowing down a date can be hard; this is where the patience comes in! With the fall season being such a popular time, dates start filling up at all of the popular venues very quickly. It is important to be a little flexible with your date if you really are in love with the fall season. Dates go quickly, so you want to make sure to book your dream venue as soon as you can.

This also goes hand in hand with your caterers too! Most wedding vendors book up quickly for fall weddings. Focus on the big things, and the smaller details you can take more time with.

Plan for All Weather

Living in the Midwest, we all know how quickly our weather changes day to day. Last Christmas, it was 75 degrees outside! While we all think of the autumn months to be cooler outside, it is important to plan for any weather that mother nature may give us.

Although it is impossible to know exactly how the weather will be, it is important to keep it in mind. You can plan your venue around the weather, as well as the bridesmaid dresses. Weather will always be an unpredictable factor, but as long as you stay open-minded about it, you can always plan around it!

Photo Ops

Ask any wedding photographer, fall photos can be some of the most beautiful photos to shoot. The color of the sky in combination with the color of the leaves on the trees can add something very special to the pictures of the bride and groom. The only thing to keep in mind is that it does get darker earlier in the day when fall arrives.

Therefore, it is crucial to get with your photographer and plan out your photo timeline to get the perfect golden hour photos. A lot of fall brides dream of having the photos taken right when the sun is setting. These classic fall wedding photos will last forever!

Fall Décor & Color Options

Our favorite thing about fall weddings is the aesthetic of it all. The décor options and color palettes are endless, and so beautiful once they come together. Fall wedding colors include earth tones such as burnt orange, sage green, burgundy, grey, dusty blue, etc. As you can see, the options can be overwhelming!

Everyone comes up with their own perfect color combination that also goes with the décor they choose. This can truly be whatever you want it to be! If you really like to use your fall resources, one of our favorite fall wedding ideas we love to see couples use is pumpkins and leaves!

The little mini pumpkins can make super cute little centerpieces, and real leaves can add some more color to the fall-themed wedding. They can be used for the cutest little details and make any wedding have that comfy at-home feel.

Fall Festivities on the Big Day

If your venue has an accommodating outside space, there are different small activities that you can provide to your guests during your cocktail hour or wedding reception. In fact, many wedding venues will have fire pits and chairs that your guests could use.

Fall fire-pit wedding tip: As a late-night snack or dessert, provide a little smores bar for your guests to enjoy while they are sitting around the fire. This allows guests to mingle and share more time together away from the music!

You can also have fun adult and kid-size yard games for your guests to play as well. Yard games are always a crowd favorite.

Plan your Fall Wedding at Andre’s

At Andre’s, our team loves booking fall weddings, because we all know what a beautiful time of year it is! Many of our locations include fabulous outdoor and indoor spaces, as well as breathtaking views, perfect for the autumn wedding of your dreams!

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