How To Select the Best Wedding Food for Your Reception

There are a few things that wedding guests always remember, one of those being the food you select for your wedding reception. Who doesn’t love good food? We are always thinking about our meals and what we are going to have. When planning a wedding, the meal is something that can be exciting to pick out, but also overwhelming, as there are a number of St. Louis catering companies and menu options. The most important thing to always remember is that your wedding day is about you, and sharing it with the people you love.

How To Select The Best Wedding Food for Your Reception

Serving Style

Selecting your wedding menu is more than just choosing food to put on a plate for you and your guests. Think of your wedding menu as something you can curate and have fun with. Choosing your serving style goes hand in hand with the types of food that you select. The type of serving style also goes into play with the formality of your wedding.

Buffet meals are the most common, as they are budget-friendly and better for less formal venues. A sit-down serving style is also a really nice option for a more formal wedding. With a sit-down serving style, you know you are not choosing toasted ravioli or hot dogs. For a sit-down-style wedding reception meal, it is best to choose a more formal menu.

What Kind of Food do You Enjoy?

Oftentimes couples will think more about what other people like to eat rather than what they personally enjoy. While it is important to consider what your guests like to eat, it is also important for you to consider what the two of you enjoy.

Think about your favorite foods or something that makes you think of your first date. We always like to say, choose your favorite foods and collectively curate them into a beautiful menu. Once you choose your caterer, they are also there to help you choose what looks the best and what will pair together well.

A good reminder is to stay away from any food items that are too specific. If you love brussels sprouts, maybe that is something to just eat at home, and not at your wedding. Remember that food is subjective, and everyone shares likes and dislikes in food.

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What Looks Aesthetically Pleasing on a Plate?

Growing up, we always heard that our meals should be colorful. Colorful can mean all sorts of things, especially when choosing wedding food. Most wedding plates consist of meat, potatoes, vegetables, and salad. All of those food items look nice together on a plate.

While the look of the food on the plate isn’t everything, it has a little something to do with how you choose your food selection. The more colorful the plated meal is, the better. A colorful meal is a nice way to make your plate look appetizing to everyone.

Consider Dietary Needs

Catering experts agree that it is important to have different dietary options for you or your guests. There are so many different allergies and personal preferences that it is something to keep in mind when gathering wedding menu ideas.

While we do not suggest choosing your whole menu to cater to two of your guests that have dietary needs, it is important to keep them in the back of your mind. If you know you have many vegetarian guests, consider adding vegetarian options.

Seasonal Wedding Food Options

Each season has its own specialty food items. It can be a nice signature touch to add a seasonal food option to your wedding menu. For example, in the fall nice orange and warm colored foods suit best. Think about pumpkin spices, spiced apple flavorings, etc. Seasonal food can be a fun way to enhance your wedding menu, and guests will surely love it, too!

Andre’s Catering St. Louis

At Andre’s, we have sales event coordinators to guide you through the best wedding menu ideas for you and your guests. As one of the premier catering companies in St. Louis, MO, our chefs can prepare an amazing dining experience centered around anything that you have in mind.

Whether you would like an hors d’oeuvres (appetizer) menu or a traditional Italian menu, Andre’s is here to help you create a wedding menu you and your guests will love. It is important to remember that selecting your wedding menu should be fun.

Try to not overcomplicate things when it’s time to select food for your wedding reception menu. After all, it is your day, remember not to stress too hard about the little things!

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At Andre’s, we are a full-service catering company. We provide the meal, 4-hour open bar, china dinnerware, linen tablecloths, chair covers, the personnel, as well as an onsite coordinator. We are a one-stop-shop facility that can offer guidance in planning and organizing your day. Andre’s coordinates with several different vendors to make your planning process painless!

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