Indoor vs Outdoor Wedding Venue

When envisioning your big day, you imagine being surrounded by a space filled with love, friends, and family. We all have ideas for the venue that we want to bring to life, but deciding where to start is key. Do you envision being outside with breathtaking nature surrounding you? Or, would you prefer being in an indoor space with twinkling lights shining on the two of you? It is important to discuss your preferences with your fiancé, but it is also possible that you can have a little bit of both. Let’s dive in and discuss indoor vs outdoor wedding venues.

Indoor vs Outdoor Wedding Venue

Indoor Venue

Feeling the “this is it” moment when you first walk into a venue is such an exciting feeling. It can be overwhelming because you feel a sense of needing to fill in every small open space throughout, but there is no need for that! Making the space fit for the two of you is what is important. When choosing an indoor venue, there is more control over the whole environment and space. This gives you the ability to splurge on decorations to fill up the space. You are able to add your own special touch to the whole space, and how fun is that!

An indoor wedding venue may be the easiest for some because it takes away some unwarranted problems that could arise. You have better access to restrooms, kitchens, bridal suites, etc. When considering logistics, indoor venues bring a lot to the table, including easy access for the guests. An indoor venue also brings a major sense of security and climate control. There is no concern for weather and no concern for major logistical issues that could arise for the wedding ceremony or reception.

Andre’s has over 13 locations, that include a beautiful indoor space. All locations bring something special to the table, including a coordinator to help with questions regarding planning a wedding. Most of our locations speak for themselves, however, you are able to fully decorate the space as you would like.

Outdoor Venue

An outdoor venue truly speaks for itself. It is hard to compete with the beauty of Mother Nature, even though she is not always in the best of moods. Outdoor weddings often come with a chance of rain, strong winds messing with your hairstyle that took hours or heat, and humidity that gives new meaning to the phrase “sweating for the wedding”. The best piece of advice about having a wedding outdoors would be to always have a backup plan. Ask your venue about what happens if it rains, so that you have a plan in place. Although there are many solutions to this problem, it is crucial to think about this prior to your event so you can be worry-free on your wedding day.

Mother Nature comes with her own natural decoration and ambiance. Being outdoors allows you to focus on other details rather than all of the décoration that it takes to fill up a space. The weeping willow flowing through the wind, the smell of fresh grass, and the sun glowing on your skin all make up the perfect scene for a fabulous wedding. Nothing beats the natural light that you soak up from the sun.

Andre’s Wedding Venues

At Andre’s, we have many different locations that cater to either choice you make. Many of our locations offer indoor and outdoor reception and ceremony options. Andre’s goal is to make the process as easy as possible. Our location at the Fox Run Golf course gives you the option to create your magical vision inside or outside. There are also huge windows inside of the space that helps to bring in sunlight and an outdoor vibe without having to worry about the weather. Fox Run Golf course is a breathtaking wedding venue space. Contact Andre’s to see it in person, the pictures do not even do it justice!

Still Can’t Decide?

Andre’s is here to help guide you on this journey. Our event and sales coordinators are here to help answer any and all questions you may have. Having an expert guide you in the direction that is best for you makes things easy-breezy. Our wedding planning experts are able to help you with any pros and cons of indoor vs. outdoor wedding venues, and we promise to not sway you either way. Andre’s is here to take the tangle out of tying the knot and make your dream a reality.

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