What Is the Most Stressful Part of Wedding Planning?

The moment you get engaged is such a magical moment that you have been anticipating for a long time. From the moment you say yes and have that shiny ring on your finger, a million different things start running through your mind. From picking out your wedding dress to going to your favorite bakery for a cake tasting, the excitement is all too real. When it comes down to sitting down with your fiancé and discussing details over dinner, you start to realize wedding planning is so much more than finding the perfect dress, venue, and cake. The guest list and the wedding budget are two of the most stressful parts of wedding planning. Wedding planning stress can be very overwhelming, especially when a lot of family members’ and friends’ opinions are at play.

What Is the Most Stressful Part of Wedding Planning?

One mistake that people tend to make when wedding planning is trying to make everyone happy. Chances are you will feel this stress when creating a seating chart or gathering names for the guest list. The important thing to remember is that your wedding day comes down to what best represents you and your fiancé, and who you want to be present for your special day. This is the day that you both share your love with your family and friends and begin a bright new journey. Enjoy the process of planning a wedding instead of making it a day that you feel overwhelmed about. Here are a few tips to make things less stressful for your special day.

How to Reduce Wedding Planning Stress

The short answer to the looming question of the most stressful part of wedding planning is actually all of it! However, it really does not have to be if you stay positive and remember everything always works out. Planning your dream wedding requires flexibility, and if you can realize that, the process can be a lot less stressful. Try to dive into your planning with an open mind, knowing you are going to have a lot of opinions and hard decisions coming your way throughout the process. Weddings bring out so many unexpected emotions. Therefore, if you can be open to the process and the entire experience will be a lot more enjoyable for you and your fiancé.

Create A Must-Have List

Prioritizing your time and setting time aside to create a must-have list will save you stress in the long run. Making yourself a schedule and staying on track with your timeline is very beneficial for your stress. Grab yourself a cute new wedding planner/notebook that will keep your goals on track.


Communication is something that is very important throughout the wedding planning process. This means communicating with your friends and family, the wedding venue, as well as wedding vendors. Don’t forget about communicating with your fiancé. Remember, it is also their big day too! If you start your wedding process with clear communication on all ends, that is stress that is lifted off your back.

Don’t Sweat the Small Things

When is the last time you attended a wedding, and what do you remember most? Most people remember the food that was served, and the entertainment because that is when the party gets started. Many couples stay stuck on the small details, which is okay if that is what you want to be the star of your wedding. However, your guests will truly remember how good the food was (that you and your fiancé picked out) and the entertainment/music that really got the party going. Do not sweat the small stuff, you will realize it will be silly in the end.

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