Newly Engaged: How To Choose Your Venue First!

Picking the perfect venue is not easy, there are many options to choose from. So, you will want to kick off your search on the early side. Most wedding venues book 12 to 18 months in advance, get on it sooner than later. Whether you are looking for an outside barn venue, an elegant ballroom, a country club, a winery, or a destination wedding with a restaurant reception, it is best to choose your venue first after becoming newly engaged.

Newly Engaged: How To Choose Your Venue First!

What Does Your Budget Look Like?

The first thing you should consider is your budget, as wedding venues can get very pricey. We recommend looking into visiting several locations and preparing a list of questions to ask. Be sure to ask about pricing and see what is included in the packages. You don’t want to put all your eggs all in one basket!

Getting Some Help with A Wedding Planner

Contacting a wedding planner is a good idea. Wedding planners can cost a lot, however, they are worth it! A wedding planner will know all the ins and outs of what you need to ask and look for and help you get the most bang for your buck. If you can’t afford a wedding planner, ask a family friend to help, or ask your parents for some advice. There are also several websites to visit to get ideas and wedding planning help.

If you want to skip the wedding planner and save some money, ask your wedding coordinator at the venue. Coordinators know the best way to set things up in their own venue and can guide you in the right direction.  Most venues partner with different companies to recommend and give information to you to look over. Your wedding will not be their first rodeo.

Can You Bring Decorations?

Some venues will let bring in your own decorations. Make sure you are asking what they allow, and what the “no-no’s” are. For example, some venues do not allow glitter and confetti. Some venues recommend decorators that come in and do it all for you, however, it you are looking to save money, opt to DIY. If you are using the same venue for the wedding ceremony and your reception, take note of where you want to place everything. Consider where to place an arch to get married under, as well as tables and centerpieces, cocktail tables, gift tables, cake tables, and other decorations.


When choosing your venue, you might not get the date you are looking for. Ultimately this will depend on what is more important to you. Getting married during a certain time of year, or getting the venue of your dreams? Also, consider whether or not the venue will be able to hold all of your guests.

Call first and check to see if your date is open. If it is a venue you are set on, then being flexible on the date would help. Make sure it is within your budget, and don’t take away from something else you want to spend money on for your wedding by putting too much money into the venue.


Location is something to consider as well. Will the wedding and venue be at the same place? Or do you have a church wedding and then travel to the venue for the reception? Make sure you consider your out-of-town guest. Will they be able to navigate around and find their way? How far will the hotel be, will there be a shuttle to go back and forth? Ask about any handicapped access and restrooms for your elderly guests. Will the ceremony be inside or outside? Will there be great photo opportunities? Will the sun be in the right spot during pictures?

These are also things you should consider when choosing the best venue and location for your wedding.

Special Request

Many brides have lots of requests, so make sure your venue will accommodate them. For example, can you bring your own ethnic/cultural foods or a fog machine for your grand entrance? If you want your tables set for 8 chairs or 10 chairs, will there be enough room on the dance floor? If your dog is part of your wedding party, will they be allowed at the venue? Are fresh flowers allowed? Will the bar let you have a “signature drink” for your guests? For the head table do you want to use a sweetheart table for just you two or a big one for the wedding party?

Are you recently engaged and don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding venue? Consider all of the information above to find the wedding venue of your dreams!

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