Questions to Ask a Venue

So you’ve done the research on potential ceremony and reception venues. Now that you have narrowed down the list to your favorites, what’s next? Visit the actual site so you can see what it’s like. However, before you start touring, there are some important questions to ask the wedding venues.

Questions to Ask a Venue

Before your tour:

  • What is the availability on or around the requested wedding day?
  • Are there discounts for off-season events?
  • How many guests can be accommodated?
  • What’s included (time, ceremony, menu, bar, etc)?
  • How many events are booked in one day?
  • How far in advance can we reserve a date?
  • Is there enough parking to accommodate your guest list?

During your tour:

What’s the distance from the ceremony location?

If you’re not providing transportation for your guests, they’ll need to know how long it takes to get to the venue. In addition, is there a hotel nearby? If not, does the venue recommend a hotel, and do they provide a shuttle for your guests?

What kind of aesthetic features are there?

For example, is there a rooftop or a pool? Is the venue on the waterfront or have breathtaking views?

What kind of services are offered?

You’ll want to know for your budget’s sake whether the venue has any all-inclusive packages for the site and food and beverages. Ask if any special dietary restrictions can be honored, such as a kosher menu. Find out if any rentals/pros are included. This can include microphones, linens, and a full waitstaff. Before hiring an on-site coordinator, make sure the venue is fine with them helping. Don’t assume that everything is included.

What kind of restrictions are there?

There are a few kinds of restrictions you and the wedding planners will want to be aware of. Ask if there are any alcohol restrictions or permits. Some venues may not have a liquor license and just allow wine and beer. Some may also request that you don’t bring your own beverages to stock the bar. The same goes for vendors. Your venue may only allow you to book professionals from a certain list, while others will let you bring in whichever vendors you want. Ask if there are any décor restrictions, such as confetti or open flames. Also, check to see if there’s a noise restriction after a certain time. Many venues won’t allow you to play loud music past 10:30 p.m. or so, which won’t work if you want the option to dance until midnight.

Questions to ask the venue about décor:

Can we bring our own decorations?

Some vendors may have restrictions on the kinds of outside decor they permit. Along with understanding what decorations you can bring, be sure to ask what kind of decor they provide. This will keep you from doubling up or bringing anything that may clash with what is already at the venue.

Are we allowed to rearrange?

You may find some wedding vendors have strict rules around rearranging anything on site. Whether it’s a liability or safety issue, it’s best to ask this wedding venue question upfront. This will allow you to begin imagining what the venue would look like on your big day.

This many questions can seem overwhelming, but don’t worry! Andre’s Banquets and Catering has been in the wedding business for over forty years and their sales team is knowledgeable, helpful, and they can answer any of your questions or concerns. Since their venues vary in style, price, and location there’s something for everyone.

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