The Essential Wedding Planning Checklist

The question is popped and the ring is on… but now what? There are many tasks and details to arrange when planning a wedding. At times, it can seem extremely overwhelming. However, if you give yourself enough time to plan, the job becomes more fun and less stressful. Wedding planning can be intimidating. This is especially true when you begin doing all the research, managing a budget, and working out what tasks to complete and when. Weddings are meant to be fun, joyous occasions and bringing two people in love together as a family. A step-by-step wedding planning checklist and timeline of the main things you need to pull off a fabulous wedding is essential. It will offer great advice when you need it, ideas when you’re lost, and most importantly it can help calm any frantic nerves that creep up as your big day approaches.

The Essential Wedding Planning Checklist

Whether you want a small, simple wedding, or a big, lavish affair, the steps remain the same: Set a budget, find inspiration and start a guest list. Focus on one task at a time so you don’t overwhelm by the wedding planning process. If you happen to be in a time crunch, don’t feel guilty delegating some of these responsibilities to family members and friends. They will be more than happy to help steer you through the wedding planning process.

When it comes to planning a wedding, it’s a good idea to follow a wedding checklist and attack the listed steps in order. Sticking to a wedding planning checklist will ensure a smooth and relatively stress-free process.

1. Set a wedding budget

It’s critical that setting a budget be the first step in planning your big day. It might not be the most fun part of the process, but it’s a task that needs to be completed first. This step is what sets the rest of your wedding planning process into motion. The last thing you want is to fall in love with a venue, vendor, or dress and realizing it’s totally out of range. Sit down with your parents or anyone that is contributing to come up with a total budget.

2. Get Inspired

One of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding step by step is gathering inspiration. Determining how you want your wedding to look and feel. Are you wanting a more formal and classy vibe? Or maybe you prefer something more relaxed and rustic. This part of the planning should begin early on, but should definitely become a priority once the venue and date have been selected. Pinterest boards are a great tool to gather inspiration for your big day.

3. Begin a Guest List

Sadly you can’t invite everyone to celebrate with you, so think about who you couldn’t get through the day without. It’s usually a good idea to get the mother of the bride or groom to help coordinate the guest list. Once you have drawn up a final guest list, you will be closer to deciding whether you need a large-capacity wedding venue or a small and intimate setting.

4. Book a Wedding Venue and Date

Selecting a wedding venue is probably the most important decision in the entire wedding planning process. It determines the vibe and theme of the whole event. Wedding venues usually get booked up well over a year in advance. We suggest booking a handful of venue tours that appeal the most to you and then book a date at your favorite.

5. Select your Bridal Party

If you’re asking friends to stand by your side at the altar, get them on board early. The friends and family you ask to join your wedding party are there for emotional support throughout the planning process and on your wedding day. Consider who you really want by your side when you say “I do” and who is capable of performing the duties required of their position throughout the planning process.

6. Choose Vendors

Once your venue and wedding date are set, then you can book other vendors. These include catering, photographer, DJ, florist, cake, and hair and makeup artists. Carefully take your time and find the best of the best, to service your wedding.

7. Say Yes to the Dress

It’s easy to go crazy when it comes to spending money on what is usually the bride’s favorite element of the wedding- her wedding dress. Although, it can be easy to save money if you stick to your budget and shop wisely. Even though most people will be looking at the bride, it’s also important that the groom look sharp as well. Luckily the men’s attire is not nearly as expensive as the bride’s dress.

Additional Source: The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Dress Shopping

8. Wedding Invitations

Normally you send the save-the-dates prior to sending out the formal invitations. If any of your guests are coming from out of town, it’s best to send the invitations out as soon as possible. This will allow them time to make travel arrangements. Be sure to use some kind of tracking system on your wedding website to manage your RSVPs.

9. Confirm wedding details with Vendors

Make sure you have tied up any loose ends and all your vendors have all the information they need. Speak to them personally and make sure they have confirmed dates, places, and times.

10. Get Married

The big day is finally here! Take a few deep breaths-you got this! All your time and hard work will pay off.

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