Wedding Planning Money Saving Tips

Planning your dream wedding is so exciting, but can be difficult when you have champagne taste on a beer budget. In a perfect world, our dream wedding would have everything we ever dreamed of, including an unlimited budget. It is important to remember that you can still have your dream wedding while not completely breaking the bank. It is possible to take that beer budget and stretch it out to get everything that is truly important to you and your fiancé. There are so many different options to choose from when selecting what matters to you both. We have a few wedding planning money-saving tips that can help you and your partner focus on what is important.

Wedding Planning Money Saving Tips

Consider Other Days of the Week

For some couples, it can be a shocker to find out that a Saturday evening wedding ceremony and reception can almost be double the cost of a wedding venue. Therefore, Friday and Sunday weddings are the way to go if you want to save money and focus on other important wedding details. Who would have thought saving money on your wedding was as simple as changing the day of the week? No one will mind attending your wedding on another day, we promise!

How to Make a Wedding Guest List on a Budget

Think about your guest list as your A-list. This means that you should only be inviting people that mean the most to you. Try crossing out people who you have not seen or spoken to in at least a year or so. Making a wedding guest list can be daunting, but it does not have to be that way.

Do not have to feel obligated to invite anyone to your wedding that you do not want to share your special day with you. As long as you are making your guest list with your fiancé, that is all that matters. Only send save the dates and wedding invitations to the people you want to remember sharing your day with. This not only lowers your wedding costs but also makes the day more intimate and special.

One-Stop-Shop Venue

Andre’s Banquet and Catering truly takes the tangle out of tying the knot and can help you keep the cost of your wedding down. We provide many different services included in your final pricing. We also include recommendations for other vendors who are just as reasonable as we are. When a wedding venue creates bundles for you, it takes much of the wedding planning stress away and helps you cut costs without cutting corners.

Ask for Help

When trying to stay within your wedding budget, the first thing that comes to mind for many couples is different DIY projects. Just because it is called DIY, does not mean you have to do it all yourself. When it comes to DIY wedding projects, open up the conversation to family members and friends. Chances are your friends and family will be more than willing to help.

Putting everyone in the divide and conquer mindset will have everything ready for your wedding day in no time. Asking close family members and friends to help you with projects for your big day will help keep things affordable, and also takes a little pressure off of you. Not to mention, this can make wedding planning a lot more fun!

Do Yourself a Favor

Stick with an easy or edible wedding favor. Do not put too much money or time into thinking about wedding party favors. In our experiences, people always eat edible favors when it is at their tables. So many times, other favors are left sitting there for the clean-up crew at the end of the evening.

Hunt for Resale Items

We are all aware of how tedious searching online for a specific item can be, but it can pay off, literally. Do you have certain wedding décor in mind but paying full price might break the budget? There are many different resale sites online for wedding décor and even bridesmaid dresses. It is worth it to at least give it a browse and see if you can save a few dollars.

Stick to the Budget

Create a budget for each individual category and stick to it. One of our favorite money-saving tips is to tell your vendor your personal wedding budget. This way you are able to stick to a guideline and be held accountable for it. It can be hard to stick to a budget when you see new things you want or things you did not even consider. As long as you write down your budget, and focus on the things that matter, you will be just fine.

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