What Are the 2023 Floral Design Trends?

After you have chosen your venue, and have the big logistical things planned out for your wedding, it is time to focus on the smaller details and wedding décor. Most brides envision really beautiful, fresh flowers surrounding the venue on their wedding day. Wedding florals can change up any venue, adding a unique and personal touch. Every year we see a new set of trends in any industry, and it is no different for wedding flowers. Every year, floral designers are awaiting the next flower trends, while always predicting new ones! In this article, we focus on 2023 floral design trends, while also staying true to our classics.

What Are the 2023 Floral Design Trends?

The Trending Colors of 2023

There are a few different colors that experts are predicting will be most prominent this year. While the most popular wedding flower colors usually depend on the season, there are a few colors that wedding experts agree will continue to shine through and take over in 2023.

Purple & Lavender

Purple and lavender go beautifully with any other color that you would put them next to. Lavender is also a very calm and relaxing color, allowing a sense of calmness to flow through the venue on your big day. Both flower colors can take away from a sense of urgency, giving your guests a more home-like feeling.


Unlike most bright and bold flowers, white flowers are timeless and classic. White flowers can elevate any space and add elegance to your special day without feeling like too much.


Different shades of green have become a popular floral trend in weddings and events over the last couple of years. However, small potted plants are an emerging trend that can help make a smaller space feel nice and cozy. Eco-friendly florals are also a growing trend. Some couples are even using terrariums to decorate their venue. Even though the plants are small, they can make a big impact.

Dried & Preserved Flowers

Dried and preserved flowers have been an upcoming trend for a few years, and people continue to love them. These flowers go perfectly with any theme, especially a nature/earth-tone wedding.

When flowers and plants are dried, it adds texture, resulting in a unique decoration and centerpiece. This is a fun way to incorporate florals because they can be scattered throughout the venue. You also have the ability to keep dried and preserved flowers as a keepsake, or even let your guests take some home. Since they are preserved, they last so much longer!

Smaller Arrangements/Bouquets

Keeping wedding florals small is the way to go for 2023. Large arrangements and wedding bouquets will not have the same impact that the smaller arrangements have. It is better to have more small florals, than a few very large floral arrangements.

We are also seeing an increase in smaller bouquets as well. This includes the bride and bridal party bouquets. The smaller, the better when using different florals for the bouquet. Let it be a small statement piece while adding to the ideal look you were going for.

Stick with the Classics

While keeping up with the wedding floral trends for 2023 is fun and of course, trendy, it is important to stay true to what you like. If you are someone who likes the classics, then stick with the classics! You can create whatever trend you like, even with the classics.

Classic florals include, but are not limited to, roses, babies’ breath, daises, etc, in a variety of colors. You can create your dream floral arrangements with any color palette or floral design.

Seasonal Trends

The seasons of winter, fall, spring, and summer all have different colors and flowers associated with them. This can be a great guide to choosing your florals, based on seasonal trends. Start by following a guide and then realistically choose what you want and envision on your big day.

Let The Florist Guide You

Feeling totally unsure of what look you are trying to go for with your wedding flowers? Go to your local florist and let them guide you in the right direction. A florist will listen to what your vision is, and then help you bring it to life. Be sure to let them know if you are not sure about the 2023 wedding floral design trends for your wedding day, or if are you wondering what looks good with your theme. An experienced florist can truly help you design the best floral arrangement for you!

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