What Do You Say in a Wedding Speech?

Public speaking is either something you are either comfortable with or not so much. Preparing for any sort of speech can be nerve-wracking. We have all been to weddings when the speeches are hit or miss. We dread the speeches that are too long, and give out a little too much information if you know what I mean! What you say in a wedding speech can vary based on who you are to the bride and groom, and also can be very simple if you stick to what is important.

Before you start making yourself go crazy writing the speech, take a deep breath. Here are a few tips to have everyone clapping (in a good way) and ready to raise a glass when your speech is over.

What Do You Say in a Wedding Speech?

The Flow

The right flow can make any speech a crowd favorite. Once you are confident in the order your speech is in, it will feel so much easier and more comfortable to speak. Below we’ve outlined the best way to connect the right dots in order to get your main points across, all while keeping everyone’s attention. Remember, confidence is key in public speaking, no matter where you are or who you are talking to.

Don’t Lead With a Joke – Lead With a Statement or Question

We have all heard a speech that starts off a little rocky and you start thinking to yourself, uh oh. However, if you start strong (in a good way) and engage the crowd, you will not totally lose them to boredom.

Focus on the Newlyweds

Focusing on yourself in your maid of honor speech or best man speech can actually make you more nervous. When writing your wedding speech, concentrate on how the audience will feel. This will help show the audience that you are truly speaking from the heart. Focusing a little more on the newlyweds will make them feel special while also engaging the audience.

Paint the Picture

Here is where people tend to get a little stuck. Focus on a few points that paint the picture of what you wanted the speech to be centered on. Remember what and who you are there for.

When thinking about the love you are celebrating, it can show how much you value and admire the couple. Going down memory lane is always a cute way to share your love, but do not go overboard. There are some stories that should stay between the people who already know them. Not everyone needs to know every embarrassing detail.

Wedding Speech Tips

For the perfect wedding speech, it is best to start brainstorming as soon as you can. It can be helpful to write out the points you want to make and then fill in the middle parts later. While brainstorming, you can come up with new ideas and even change the course of the speech also. This can make writing the speech a fun process.


When preparing for any speech, it is important to rehearse and get comfortable saying the words. The more confident you are, the better the speech will be. Everyone can feel confidence and nervousness, so it is best if they can feel your confidence!

Bonus Tip: To boost your confidence, record yourself speaking so you can hear where you stumble or what needs a little work.

Limit Drinks

This can be difficult for some people, as most wedding receptions involve a lot of drinking. However, it is best to pace yourself throughout the day, while maintaining a decent food and water intake. You do not want to slur or forget any of the main points that you wanted to get across. While drinking can help take the nerves away, it can definitely downgrade the speech that you worked hard on.

Be Yourself

The best tip that we can give you is to be yourself. Oftentimes, people lose a little bit of themselves when they feel under pressure, or try to impress others. While it is important to remember a few guidelines, it is most important to stay true to yourself.

There are guests at the wedding you know you best, and people who are meeting you for the first time. Now is your time to deliver a great speech and show your own personality while sharing your love for the couple and raising a toast.

Wedding speeches should be short and sweet while staying authentic to who you are. You are sharing an important day with the people you love!

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