What is a Shotgun Wedding?

We all know that life does not always go as planned, but we always make the best of it. That is to be true when discussing a shotgun wedding. The term shotgun wedding can mean a few things, but in most cases, it describes a quick wedding planning process. For example, there is a quick engagement process, with the wedding following within the next few weeks/months. A shotgun wedding can actually be a very fun and exciting way to share your love with your family and friends. Read on to learn more about shotgun weddings and how to plan one yourself!

What is a Shotgun Wedding?

When most people think about wedding planning, they think of a one to two-year planning process, however, that is not always the case for everyone. Not everyone wants the crazy stress of wedding planning and waiting to share the commitment of marriage. A wedding can occur with very little to no planning if that is what suits you best.

A shotgun wedding can be a stress-free event that allows you to really be thankful for the moments you are sharing with your soon-to-be partner. We believe this is a major reason why shotgun marriages are popular and people enjoy them. Being open-minded to all of the options you have is the best way to start!

Have Fun with it

Whatever your reasoning for throwing a shotgun wedding, have fun with it! Just because you are wanting to throw together a quick wedding, does not mean that you cannot enjoy the wedding planning process. You are sharing these moments with your partner, and even your family and friends if you choose to make them a part of it.

With shotgun weddings, you have the luxury to spend money on different things that you would not have if you would have planned a big extravagant wedding. The time and money savings that come with a shotgun wedding will allow you to have fun with other things such as an extended honeymoon, home improvements, and things that you really love and want to focus on.

Most shotgun weddings are smaller and are shared with close family and friends. This also allows you to let your hair down and have a little more fun, wedding style! No one ever said that weddings have to be traditional, so have fun dreaming up your big day!

Focus on What is Important

The biggest piece of advice anyone can give when thinking about your wedding day is to focus on what is important to you and your partner. If having this quick wedding is what is important to both of you, so be it! It is time to truly do what you both want to do and not be concerned about anyone else’s opinions on what they think you should be doing.

Embrace It Regardless of Why

Let’s face it, sometimes it can be hard to fully embrace something for the fear of getting judged by others. Regardless of the reasoning behind having a shotgun wedding, you should be able to embrace it without any fear of social pressure.

It does not matter if you are wanting to have a quick wedding because the bride is pregnant, because of money, or for any other family reasons. What matters is the fact that you know you want to be with this person, and you do not want to wait any longer!

Remember, embrace your reasons for getting married and embrace the love that you share for the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Let Andre’s Help

When most people think of wedding venues, they think they have to book their wedding two years in advance. For some wedding venues and circumstances, that can absolutely be true! From the time you first call Andre’s, to the time you see the venue, you know it is the perfect place to host any style of wedding.

Andre’s is spread throughout various locations and can cater almost anywhere within an hour’s distance. There are so many different options and locations for you to even have your shotgun wedding within a few weeks if you are flexible. Being a one-stop shop, we can take care of all of your wedding details fairly quickly! The event coordinators can guide you through this process, so all you have to say is I do!

This is not our first rodeo. We are versed in any type of wedding, so let’s get started in planning yours today!

Wedding Planning Money Saving Tips

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