What to Know Before Going to Bridal Show

Before heading to a bridal show whether it is your first one or one of many, there are a few things to know and be prepared for. The shows are not only a fun experience, but they can be so incredibly helpful in the planning process as a whole. Think of wedding shows as a wedding planning guide, with very helpful vendors awaiting to make your wedding dreams come true. Here are some tips every bride should know before you start attending bridal shows and wedding expos. Let the wedding planning begin as you start to enjoy going to bridal shows!

What to Know Before Going to Bridal Show

Before You Go to the Show

When talking to different wedding vendors at a bridal show, they will ask you a few questions to sort of understand what you are looking for. It is always a good idea to know just a few things so that the wedding professionals can help you in the best ways. This comes especially true when you are looking for pricing or availability.

Create a New Email

Creating a wedding email address can be so helpful when collecting and giving out contact info. This allows you to have your own designated wedding account that keeps everything together in one place. This can be helpful during the planning process, as well as when vendors are sending you a lot of information on show specials and other details.

Research Vendors

Research the vendors that will be at the show. This can be extremely helpful so you can feel prepared for what you are walking into. Although you may not know their pricing until you speak with them, you can learn a little bit about what their company is and what they may offer. This can include reading their online reviews and just browsing their website to get a feel of what the company can truly provide.

Things to Bring to the Show

Trusted Friends/Family Members

Bring along the people who are most important to you! This can be your mother, maid of honor, etc. While it can be fun to bring your whole wedding party, other peoples’ opinions can sometimes overshadow your own. Bring a small crew, so that you can really focus on the vendors and look at the things that interest you.

Open Mind

Having an open mind can also be very important when attending bridal shows. While we all have an idea of what our wedding day will look like, it is important to keep an open mind to different things. You would be shocked to find out that there are things out there that maybe you had not even thought of yet.


I would also suggest bringing a notebook/binder to keep all of the brochures together. This can be very helpful when you are planning your big day. After the bridal show when you go home, you are able to separate and go through all of the information that you had collected.

Partake in All Contests/Enter to Win

We highly recommend signing up for any and all contests! This can be a huge money saver. There are many entries to win honeymoons, dresses, money off catering, etc. Taking advantage of these is a luck of the draw, but you never know.

Follow Up with Vendors After the Show

There will always be a few vendors that really caught your attention. Whether you were able to really connect with the vendors, or if you are just still interested in their services, make a follow-up call or email. This can be helpful to get specific information regarding the service that you need. You might have gotten some basic information when you were chatting with the vendors, but if you reach out to them, you can get all of your answers, even in detail.

If you really liked the company, then reach out to them as soon as possible, as services can book up quickly, especially after they were at a bridal show. A follow-up never hurts, it just always gives you more information.

Have Fun

Bridal shows are all about gathering information while having a great time. Some brides even make it a whole event. Wake up early, have a good breakfast, and get all dressed to do “bride things” as we call them. This is your time to really see what is all out there, as wedding planning can be so overwhelming. Let yourself leave the stress at home for this event, and just live in the moment of being excited about getting married!

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