Why You Should Throw a Company Party This Year

Company events mean so much more than employees gathering together outside of work. A company party gives employees and the company a new way to collaborate and get to know each other in different ways. The words “company party” may sound like the least exciting thing for some employees to hear, however, maybe it is because they have never been to a fun company party! It is time to revamp what company parties are, and how fun they actually can be. Company parties bring a whole new vibe to the structure of how people work together. Let’s discuss why company parties are important from the employers’ point of view as well as the employees’ point of view.

Why You Should Throw a Company Party This Year

Improve the Company Culture

Creating a positive culture in any company is crucial for success as well as low employee turnover. A company party allows the employers to engage and spend time with the employees in a whole new way. Employers are able to share their core values and stories that might not be heard around the office. It is a chance for everyone to connect on a new level, and makes people feel more connected to the boss’ that they feel like they have not really talked to or engaged with yet.

The engagement that forms at company events, is important to the employees as well. People who feel engaged with others they work with and for, are overall happier with their job and tend to stay with their company longer. The purpose of engaging with each other at a company party is to truly connect with other people in a non-workplace environment.

Gives Employees Something to Look Forward To

A company party can really break up the formality of the day-to-day work life. This can give employees something to look forward to, and strive further to reach their goals. In fact, some companies will reward their employees with different events and parties if they are able to achieve certain goals. As an employee, when you hear company party, you think of free food and drinks, right? Who does not look forward to that! And of course, getting the opportunity to socialize with coworkers outside of the office.

Best Way to Say Thank You

What better way for your employer to say thank you than throwing a party that includes drinks and food? This shows the employees that someone took time out of their day to organize and pay for a company party for everyone to enjoy. Also, here is a fun tip for employers, put time and effort into selecting fun and exciting awards to give out to the employees. Awards are always a hit! Employees will feel appreciated in a new way when something such as a party involves recognizing them in some way.

Everyone Gets to Know Each Other

Whether your office is big or small, there is always more you can learn about the people you work with. A party breaks down the complete work professional wall that we have all built up. Therefore, a company party setting allows us to be who we really are. A company that knows each other better, will also be able to perform better together. In fact, when people are able to communicate in different ways, it also allows a friendship to form.

Not all work relationships will turn into friendships, nor do they have to. However, in a company party environment, it is easier for employers and employees to form better relationships. Planning different company party activities to help break the ice is also something that will help build a stronger relationship with one another.

Let Andre’s Host & Cater Your Company Event

Andre’s Banquet & Catering in St. Louis, MO hosts many company events every year, and those companies always come back to use our services! Not every company event is the same, as we are able to add our own flair, and every company adds their own as well. It is time to revamp the term company party and make it something that people are looking forward to.

We work with any and all company budgets, and we have many different menus available for you to choose from. Let your employees know how grateful you are for the work they do for your business. Let them know they are each truly an asset to the team by throwing a company party to show your appreciation. Andre’s is here to assist in your company party needs, whatever they may be!

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